Word Up! Here's My First Monthly Content Review...

The last month or so has been manic. So manic, in fact, that I've reached out to a couple of talented freelance copywriters for an extra pair of hands on a project or two. It's meant that I can meet my clients' deadlines well ahead of time, which is always a bonus - for me and them.

So, what else have I been up to in the last month or so? I've been helping a company that sells kids' toys update its site, put together a series of landing pages for a web hosting firm, kept on top of Distinctive Chesterfields' social media pages, and made some final tweaks to some content for a bed manufacturer. And now to rest (pun intended)!

What's been going on in the wider world in October? Apart from a million and one pumpkin pics (I love seeing everyone's efforts on Facebook, Instagram and the like), and the clocks going back (hooray for darker nights - no, really, I absolutely love them!), there's been all sorts. And in my very first Content Review post, I'll be sharing with you some of the best articles, hints and tips from around the net. In this monthly posts, there'll be advice for copywriters, suggestions for small businesses, and a few bits and pieces in between. Read on...

Discover How to Stand Out Online

Want to know how to propel your brand? Katrina of KC Communications has written this blog, which tells you exactly how you can. The Managing Director of a fellow Huddersfield business, Katrina left a full-time marketing position a few years ago to found her brand - and over on her blog, she offers plenty of useful info for companies looking to get ahead. Check out the piece Katrina's penned about boosting your business online; it gives you all the details you need to ensure you're seen and heard amongst a sea of competitors.


"Can I Get an 'S'?, Can I Get an 'E', Can I Get an 'O'"

Reputation is everything when it comes to standing out online, but you can also give yourself a helping hand by way of a little thing called SEO.

Most of us are well aware what SEO stands for, but for those not in the know it's 'Search Engine Optimisation'. And what that means in simpler terms is 'using a little technical know-how to ensure your site is pops up when people search for the services you offer' (well, that was a mouthful!)


Don't know where to start? Aaron of The Evergreen Academy may well be able to help. He has a super duperly exciting online course to help any business owners looking to give themselves a leg up on Google. I've tried it out myself and it's smashing.

One of Aaron's best pieces of advice, though, is this: 'To rank well online, you have to deserve to rank.' So, create good, regular content and you're pretty much onto a winner. It's what I'm aiming to do as we speak, by writing this very post.

"Talk to Other Copywriters"

As a member of The Professional Copywriters' Network, I always keep an eye on its site to see what others are writing about. There's always plenty of good stuff to be found over there, with a regular 'Members' Spotlight' piece. One of the latest was definitely worth a read. In it, Cat Roberts-Young advises that anyone looking to join the industry should simply 'talk to other copywriters'.

I'd say the same rings true for freelancers in general. It can be a lonely life, working from home on your own - and this group has proved a life-saver on those mornings when I'm ready to chew someone's ear off (hello, Postman!) about anything and everything.


And yeah, if you're wanting to make the foray into freelance copywriting, say hello! I was fortunate enough to receive plenty of advice when I was starting out and I'd love to think I've helped someone a little, too.

Want to Make Your Content Smarter?

Okay, so your content won't be able to do maths. Well, I hope not anyway (damn, robots!). But you can make it smarter, according to Search Engine Watch. It's all about that little acronym again: SEO. But it really is important to optimise your site. Otherwise, it can seem like you're talking to yourself, especially if your site is relatively new.

And Finally...

Andrew Boulton is, hands down, one of my favourite copywriters. See, it's nice to give praise where it's due - even if it is your competition. But seriously, what that guy can do with words...

So I thought I'd share this with you: Andrew's piece on how copywriters write copy. Putting content together is like making an omelette, apparently. Pop over and have a read. And make sure you enjoy what's left of October.

Can I help you tick a few things off your copywriting to-do list as we move into November? Just let me know and we'll have a chat. Hey, I'll even treat you to coffee and cake if you're local.

Until next time...