You Know You're a Freelancer When...

... despite the short commute from the shower to the study, no less than two cups of coffee are required before computer switch on commences

... you find yourself wondering if it's socially acceptable to invite the postie in for a cuppa and chat. All work and no interaction makes Lauren a very dull copywriter

... you convince yourself that 90-minute lunch break is actually conducive to a more productive afternoon...

...ditto that sugar-laced slice of Vicky sponge cake

... the prospect of slipping on yet another pair of well-worn (but oh so comfy) jogging bottoms is more appealing than it probably should be

... your parents still don't understand what you do day-to-day...

...and sometimes, you're not 100% sure you do either: SEO, ROI, B2B, GA, PPC. Acronyms are the new black, apparently. start the day with great intentions (early morning gym session, anyone?), before deciding you'll go 'after you've smashed that deadline'. Only to abandon the idea in favour of Dinner Date and a second slice of sponge cake.


Businesses: Need Some Help with SEO?

So, it's been some weeks since I first hit 'publish' on the brand new Lauren Holden Freelance website. But somehow, I'm only just getting round to writing and maintaining this here blog; you know how it is...

If you've stumbled upon my site and had a nosey around (thank you, by the way), you may have spotted a little publication called SEO For Content Writers & PR Pros (pictured below).

Basically, it's a publication (co-written by myself on behalf of marketing professional, Phil Byrne) which helps businesses and fellow writers get to grips with all things SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it's one of those things we all (whether knowingly, or not) take advantage of in our everyday copy, on blogs, websites and anywhere else our crop crops up online.

But do you really understand just how to get the most of it? I'm not sure I really did before I began researching this e-book, to be quite honest.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn from the book:

* Why content is important for the Internet

* How to uncover what people actually search for within your niche online

* The difference between short and long tail keywords

*  How to create an online press release

* How to turn keyword searches into content

* How to promote your content via social media and backlinking

So, here's a handy guide - available here. It'll cost you less than a pint. Or a good marker pen. Have a peek.

Until next time...