Why It's Worth Hiring a Freelance Designer: Charlie O'Neil Tells All

I recently read an article I really wish I'd bookmarked - because do you know what, you would have liked it too. It was about the blurred lines of job roles within the digital marketing industry and how many people find themselves becoming a 'Jack of all trades', taking on more responsibilities and eventually finding themselves doing less of what they set out to do and more of everything else.

The article's author, a designer, said he'd suddenly found his skills crossing into video editing, marketing and strategising. So, what's my point? It might seem a tenuous link (trust me, I'm full of 'em) but it got me thinking. It's true that freelance copywriters like me can find themselves doing a spot of PR (or even journalism!) but there's one thing I'd never tackle - and that's designing. On that front at least, I haven't a creative bone in my body - and that kind of highly-skilled, artistic work is best left to the experts.

But due to the nature of our work, our paths do cross occasionally - and for that reason alone I thought I'd introduce you to Charlie O Neil.

She's a talented freelance designer and a really lovely lady, too. Her talents see her design artwork professionally - and for fun, too. And she's created everything from Addams Family-inspired artwork to business cards and logos for her many clients. And she's here to tell you why you might need the help of a freelance creative, too. It'll stop you becoming a 'Jack of all trades' and ensure you can tick at least one thing off your to-do list this week, next week and beyond.

So, why do you need a freelance designer, then? Charlie, it's over to you:

freelance designer

It's Affordable - You're paying for the work you require and only the work you require! Freelancers like me competitive prices, due to their lack of overheads. On top of that, we have experience working for many different clients, which means you're benefiting from this experience at a competitive price

It's Personal & Efficient - You're communicating directly with the person doing the work, which ultimately saves you time too

You Have More Choice - You'll have free rein to choose the right designer for the job; you're not restricted to using the same full time member of staff - perfect if you don't think they're suitable for every project you send your way

It's Flexible - Freelancers tend to work until the job's done and won't restrict their working hours to the standard 9 to 5

It's Independent - You avoid the cost associated with having to train up staff, which saves you time too.

Seb and Charlie - freelance designer

Looking for a freelance designer? I can hand-on-heart recommend Charlie, who recently put together some fun designs for my freelance copywriting business and didn't just meet but exceeded my expectations on delivery of the artwork. On top of that, turnaround time was quick and the price was competitive too - get in touch with Charlie if you could do with outsourcing your company's design requirements.