How to Increase Business Sales (In 5 Simple Steps!)

You’re at your wits’ end with your business: your products aren’t selling as fast as you’d hoped, your email inbox is drier than the Sahara Desert, and your mailing list is still just 15 people long. What to do?

First, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Even the most successful companies have to adjust their business strategy from time to time.


Instead, then, read on for five easy steps to increase sales for your business. No more tearing out your hair in frustration; let's get cracking!

Show You Can Be Trusted

In short, are you credible? It’s not enough to tell clients that they should put their hands in the pocket (or fingers to keyboard to type in their debit card digits!) to buy your products. Why should they trust you any more than a random bloke on the street offering up a dubious-looking 'brand-new' iPhone for £20?!

Here’s where you can whip out those testimonials and case studies we know you’ve been itching to use. Displaying evidence on your website of third-party support, even as small as including the logo of companies you’ve worked with, can show potential clients that you can be trusted.


This CXL article lists other ways to increase trust with customers, as well as some great tips to boost conversions for your website.

Build Up Your Social Media Presence

You can keep telling yourself you’re fine with your 50 Instagram followers and 15 mailing list subscribers, but if your sales seem to be taking a nosedive, it may be time to build up your following.

Make sure you choose the right networks. Compare social media demographics with your business’s target audience to avoid making a beeline for the wrong people. If you write content for businesses, for example, LinkedIn might be a better platform for you than Tumblr.



Post regularly and with content relevant to your business, too. You’re more likely to grow a loyal customer base if you stay connected with them once a week, as opposed to once a month (or, dare I say, once every few months). Keeping your social media accounts updated shows your clients that you’re available. 

(Shameless plug: if you need a hand with managing your social media accounts, have a look at my portfolio and give me a shout!)

Offer Freebies

I love free stuff. You love free stuff (and if you say you don’t, you’re probably lying!). Giving freebies to people who visit your website is a good way to give them a taste of the products or services you offer without a monetary commitment.

You can also offer free incentives to get people to join your mailing list. In exchange for subscribing to your mailing list, offer free guides, eBooks, or anything else specifically tailored to your business. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

Don’t Get Cold Feet About Cold Emailing

Cold emailing isn’t exactly fun. After all, the name itself doesn’t exactly invite warm feelings.

Still, perhaps by reaching out directly to potential clients, you’ll bring your sales from all right to amazing.


Do your research and personalise your emails to individual clients. People don’t want to get a spammy email that looks like it could’ve just as easily been sent out to 50 other people. Show why you’re emailing THEM instead of the hundreds of other businesses out there. Also be sure to show how you and only you can help them with their problems.

Check out HBR's guide to cold emailing for some more excellent tips.

Promote Time-Sensitive Sales, Discounts, or Promotions

It seems counterintuitive to discount products in order to boost sales, but customers are attracted to savings, even if the savings are marginal.

This can include offering a discount when people sign up for your mailing list, bundling products and services for a reduced total price, or dropping prices for a limited-time promotion. Be sure to clearly define start and end dates for promotions, just in case a client decides to continue working with you after a promotion ends.

Have any other tips to up business sales? Do feel free to share in the comments below.

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