How to Stop Procrastinating and Actually Get Stuff Done

My name is Lauren Holden and I'm (well, let's just say, I have been known to be) a procrastinator.  

Take last weekend alone. In hysterics, I was perilously close to covering my laptop with a splattering of chewed up Monster Munch. But I wasn't partaking in some strange crisp-based fetish. Oo-blimming-er. Instead, I was creasing up at yet another video of a goat in a party hat. 


OK, OK, so if I've got an important deadline on the go, I'm on it. Always. But if there's something else that needs doing (like updating this website, or writing a blog post over here) I'll find a million and one other things to do before cracking on.

A quick glance at my Facebook timeline confirms I'm far from the only one. One pal reveals that she's edging closer to the possibility of missing her second tax deadline in as many years, as a result of 'messing about online', making Spotify playlists and 'looking at pictures of cats in fancy dress'.

A Nation of Procrastinators

Apparently, we're a nation of procrastinators - with 95% of us putting off vital jobs to squander time on other less imperative tasks. A University of Calgary professor has even (after a 10-year-long wait - no joke!) published a paper on the subject.

But, guess what? You can pull yourself out of the BHoP (Black Hole of Procrastination) and actually get stuff done. Here's how I do it....

1. Plan Ahead - To ensure stuff gets done well in advance of its deadline, I plan my days like I would a school revision timetable (remember those?!). Cordon off chunks (or hours) here and there to get particular projects done, breaking off in between larger pieces of work to give yourself a five or ten-minute rest.

2. Disconnect the Internet - I can feel some of you recoiling in horror at this one, but let's face it, the Internet is a provoker of procrastination. Goats in party hats/cats in fancy dress - you name it, they'll each come between you and that deadline. Avoid the temptation and just disconnect the Internet. Failing that, just pretend you've disconnected it. 

3. Implement a 'Rewards Scheme' - Don't think Sainsbury's Nectar Points, but rather 'I'll have that coffee/chocolate bar/watch that goat video (NOT) just as soon as I've done 'X' hours' work - result!

Do you have another tip? Please share it below. Right, I'm off to watch another goat video....

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