Did Someone Say Cake...?

Yesterday (Friday, January 23) marked my ninth year as a freelance copywriter. And how do I know this? Good old LinkedIn. Its helpful reminder had me reaching for the cake (any excuse to celebrate, eh?) and wondering where on earth the best part of a decade has gone.

Need a Hand with Your Next Copywriting Project?

So, what does my nine years' experience mean to you? Assurance. I'd like to think it takes away any reservations you may have about choosing me for your next copywriting project - big or small. After all, I've been crafting copy for businesses like yours for round about 3287 days, give or take weekends. And yes, I had to Google that - there was a reason I chose a career with words, not numbers.

In terms of experience, nine years has seen me put my creative copywriting skills to everything from email marketing, printed advertising, web copy, press releases, and social media updates. I've worked with brands as diverse as QVC's shopping channel to Fosters Beer, Flowers Direct, and Denby Dale's Yummy Yorkshire ice cream parlour - and I can't wait to take on my next big assignment!

How has the last nine years panned out for you? Perhaps you'd like to give your business the boost it deserves, but you're not sure where to start?

Yorkshire-based Freelance Copywriter - Available for Hire

Need a copywriter? I'm a Yorkshire-based freelance copywriter working from my home in Huddersfield. But don't let that put you off; the fact I work remotely means I can lend a hand to your brand and its communications, wherever you are.

Fancy a chat about your next project? Simply send me a note over here and we'll go from there.

Businesses: Need Some Help with SEO?

So, it's been some weeks since I first hit 'publish' on the brand new Lauren Holden Freelance website. But somehow, I'm only just getting round to writing and maintaining this here blog; you know how it is...

If you've stumbled upon my site and had a nosey around (thank you, by the way), you may have spotted a little publication called SEO For Content Writers & PR Pros (pictured below).

Basically, it's a publication (co-written by myself on behalf of marketing professional, Phil Byrne) which helps businesses and fellow writers get to grips with all things SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it's one of those things we all (whether knowingly, or not) take advantage of in our everyday copy, on blogs, websites and anywhere else our crop crops up online.

But do you really understand just how to get the most of it? I'm not sure I really did before I began researching this e-book, to be quite honest.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn from the book:

* Why content is important for the Internet

* How to uncover what people actually search for within your niche online

* The difference between short and long tail keywords

*  How to create an online press release

* How to turn keyword searches into content

* How to promote your content via social media and backlinking

So, here's a handy guide - available here. It'll cost you less than a pint. Or a good marker pen. Have a peek.

Until next time...