Am I the right fit for your business? And don't most copywriters have a niche?

While it's true that some writers find a subject matter or industry they're particularly passionate about, and stick with that (why veer too far from what you love?!) others, like me, enjoy the sheer variety of contributing content to a host of companies.

Five years spent on a regional newspaper meant that, as a writer turning local news into stories, anything goes; one day you'd be putting together a piece on a theatre show, the next you'd be in the theatre show - and writing about it!

I jest, but when I look back at some of things they had me doing (and writing about!) at the newspaper, even I find it hard to believe. Learning to play the didgeridoo? Tick! Mastering the art of the old-school tea dance? Yes, Sir-ee! Or, grabbing some scissors to work shadow a barber and document my experience? You betcha!

So what I'm trying to say is this: I've been known to write about lots. In terms of copywriting, I've lent words to companies that sell everything from coaxial cables, to wind turbines - and I've also been lucky enough to craft copy for a few brands that I identify with more, too. My clients tell me they're thrilled that I've managed to engage with potential clients or customers, when often subject matters are complex and the customer base wide.


It's the writing I enjoy - and ensuring boosted online success for the brands I work with. That's ultimately what I get a kick out of. And that's why you should work with me. I'll get to the heart of your brand via copy that converts - and I can't wait to get started on your next project.

Take a look at my portfolio for some copywriting examples; my writing style is adaptable and my client mix quite varied, to say the very least. Here are just a few companies I've worked with: NHS, Newgen Power (wind turbines), Boots,, QVC, Barry M Cosmetics, Au Natural Organics, Flowers Direct. and Devoted Pet Foods.

Think I can help? Get in touch and let's have a chat. And I promise I won't bore you with tips on how to play the didgeridoo.