They say 'a picture paints a thousand words'. But  consider the last time you spotted an image - in a newspaper, magazine, or online - that didn't come with a caption.

The truth is, words really do magnify your message. And a website, press release, blog or brochure devoid of text is a very one dimensional piece of marketing.

Let me paint an even bigger - and more captivating - picture for your brand via well-chosen words. Whether you're looking for engaging short copy (for strap lines, banners, product descriptions) or a lengthier, but equally well-thought out larger ad campaign, hire me as your West Yorkshire freelance copywriter. Why? I'll ensure my words jump off the page to make your customers sit up and take notice.

So, how can I help you and your business enjoy more traffic, customers, and ultimately, sales?

Web Copy - In my 11 years as a freelance copywriter in Yorkshire, I've crafted copy for websites spanning a host of industries. From writing web copy for a former Secret Millionaire TV star and business coach, to putting words together for a top British cosmetics company, and a huge football fan site, there are few subjects I won't tackle. I can create everything from product descriptions, blogs and 'About Us' pages, getting to the heart of your company to ensure you portray your business and its staff the way you want.

Brochures - During my time as a copywriter, I've contributed copy to a range of brochures. Telling customers about the very latest gardening kit via Gardening Direct's seasonal mail-outs, to putting the content together for a QVC beauty guide, I've been key in driving sales to a number of big brands.

E-marketing - Need someone to write your company's e-newsletters and emails? In my role as freelance copywriter, I've created news and sales-focused content for everyone from, to floral gifting company Flowers Direct, and a popular US natural health site. Let me do the same for you, helping to boost sales and engage with existing and new customers on a regular basis.

Press Releases - Want to put your product or services in front of some of the country's top press? I'll create an attention-grabbing press release for you that'll do just that. I've done the very same for Swedish cosmetics brand, Oriflame, a high end lighting company, and a US fitness system that's set to also take the UK by storm. How can I help your brand reach more customers?

Proofreading - Written your company's copy but want a second opinion? Let an experienced freelance copywriter and journalist look over it for you. My proofreading rates are charged by the hour, not by the word, keeping the price low for yourself and your brand.

Social Media Management - Growing the followers of floral gifting site Flying Flowers and luxury furniture brand Distinctive Chesterfields, I engaged with customers and kept the conversation going across multiple platforms. For Distinctive Chesterfields alone, I organically took followers from 90 to 1,500 in a matter of months.

Straplines and Taglines - Need a catchy strapline for your product or website? Get in touch! I've come up with quite a few in my 12+ years as a freelance copywriter here in West Yorkshire. Delivering your brand's message in just a handful of well-chosen words, a great strapline will bring kudos to your company.


Editorial - Five years as a reporter on an award-winning regional newspaper has ensured I not only know what the press is looking for when I'm pitching press releases, but I also know how to write an interesting feature or news piece. I love copywriting, but journalism is where it all started for me and my writing career. Need me to help place your brand into the hands of some of the UK's most influential journalists? Contact me here on the site and see why a freelance copywriter like me could be exactly what you're looking for.

Want something else? Get in touch over here and we'll go from there.